No data no profits. Know data know profits.

Answering Business Questions

  • What are my labor costs? What are my material costs?

  • Which customer should I focus my attention on to get the greatest ROI?

  • Which project is going to go south? And what can I do about it today?

  • What market should I expand into and what are the expected returns?

  • How much retained earnings should I keep in the war chest if the economy turns against me?

With your ERP Data Assets Through a World Class Business Intelligent Suite 

  • Executive Dashboard for quick glances into the company's performance.

  • Empowering Power BI Team Members to leverage the Prospection Data Discovery Tool to do deep dives into the data for profit and loss patterns.

  • Leverage exiting tools like Excel for dynamic ad-hoc reporting with exiting systems to create advance business models and custom reports.

  • Smart data-driven decisions through actionable intelligence.


Secure Data Access

The Prospection Data Warehouse and Intuition ETL Engine are installed on-premise to allow secure data access for your business intelligence team. The data is secure through industry standard encryption and controlled by your Internal IT team.  

Prospection Data Warehouse

Out of the box you will get an industry standard data warehouse with conformed dimensions on an open platform to allow integration with all of your systems. With an open data warehouse it can be integrated with investments you have already made; tools like Tableau, SAS, Excel, SSAS, SSRS, and Crystal Reports. This flexible solution can grow with you as your company expands.

Advance Intuition ETL Engine

The Intuition ETL Engine is not only used to integrate with existing systems, but also cleans the data to ensure data quality and accuracy in your data-driven decisions. The engine has been rigorously field tested and has proven to be an exceptional asset in efficiency and cost savings.

About Us

Our team of developers, data scientists, data architects, and business professionals have over 20 years of experience with building solutions merging business knowledge in the construction and information technology space.  

Construction Industry Professional

Creating the tough questions that need answered to drive business success. What are the key drivers that ensure a projects profitability? What are the pitfalls that cause projects to stumble? Let our professionals guide you through this minefield.

Data Architects / Data Scientists 

Modeling descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive solutions that help you make the most of the data assets you have in your firm. Our statistical models and regression formulas have been birthed out of multiple iterations of computer learning scenarios.


The magic behind the curtains. Our developers make it happen to allow Power Business Intelligence users to  access information through the simplest methods without needing to understand how the Intuition ETL Engine works under the covers.

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