Solutions & Services

Our worldwide team of data scientists, application developers, operational managers, and executives work hand in glove with our customers to provide custom solutions to meet their needs.  

We provide services on

  • implementing off the shelf solutions

  • data warehouse and data lake solutions

  • systems integrations from all enterprise software solutions

  • highly customized applications

  • a visually engaging Power BI dashboard to help with complex information

  • predictive analytical risk models for business development

  • cloud-based dashboard solution

  • and building high performing executive teams to implement strategic visions

Our services put our customers needs first.  Let's start the conversation... 


Custom Development

Our international team of developers and project managers help our customers with their custom development needs in a full service stack of technologies.  If it is a need to build a mobile application to track cost and man hours to a Power BI dashboard to track KPIs and company performance matrix to predictive modeling; we have to team to take the pain points away.

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Software Implementation

Our experience implementation teams work in locked step with our customers to implement the software solutions that works for them.  We know the pit falls that can come with software implementation, migration of data from their legacy system to the new system, integrating with existing systems, and exposing information to mobile applications in a secure method.  We have done it all providing our customers a one stop shop to help with all their implementation needs.

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Microsoft Power BI Solutions

We have partnered with Microsoft to implement cloud based Power BI solutions allowing our customers to be assured that their data is safe in the largest secure companies in the world.  With Power BI, our customers can access their information in a visually appealing dashboard on their tablets, mobile phones, and any device at any time.  Actionable intelligence without boundaries. 

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High Performing Executive Teams

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. – Sun Tzu.

Our executive team have helped our customers build a high performing teams to guide companies from the edge of folding to hockey stick results!  Defining and executing on strategic visions makes our customers forces to be heard in their global markets.  

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